The program

Nouveau solo de Brahim Bouchelaghem, création 2024


For this new opus for young audiences, Brahim Bouchelaghem wishes to explore the theme of the initiatory journey.

Motion (passage)

Brahim Bouchelaghema chose for this project to embark in his universe a group of 9 hip hop dancers, from France and Belgium.


A tribute to his father whom he lost at a very young age, who went to France to burn up his life around smoky tables, consumed by an obsession with playing cards.


Wear and tear seems to be a degrading factor: deterioration due to repeated use evokes fading, crumbling, loss and disappearance.


Brahim Bouchelaghem for this new proposal revisits two projects from 2017 on the theme of race.


Since its birth in the Mississippi Delta, at the same time as modern dance, jazz music has always been a space of creativity and mixing.

Petites histoires du Hip-Hop en mouvement

"We were trying to replicate the moves we saw on the show. At the time, we mostly saw break or smurf."


Create for and by children. To give free rein to the marvellous of everyday life and to give birth to extraordinary stories straight out of the children's imagination.

El Firak

In a refined setting, these words calligraphed by Hassan Massoudy, projected on transparent veils, intimately reach the dancers, on whom weigh the arbitrariness of a separation dictated by politics or society

Hiya (she)

Brahim Bouchelaghem will be inspired by the story of his mother in resonance with his first piece about his father Zahrbat. "A complex emotional experience that includes several emotions or several states of the dancing body".

Sillons !

"My wish is to place the notion of space at the heart of my new creation, to confront myself with this abstract and yet so concrete idea for us dancers."

What did you say ?

Carolyn Carlson and Brahim Bouchelaghem, it is above all a beautiful meeting, the meeting of two poets who recognize themselves in their art.

Davaï Davaï

This creation is the object of an authentic human exchange where life paths and poetic aspirations are mixed.

Motion (peremishchennya)

Brahim Bouchelaghema chose to embark in his universe a group of 12 Ukrainian hip hop dancers, mostly from the crew Ruffneck Attack and EastSide Bboys.