Creations in the repertoire


Create for and by children. To give free rein to the marvellous of everyday life and to give birth to extraordinary stories straight out of the children's imagination.

El Firak

In a refined setting, these words calligraphed by Hassan Massoudy, projected on transparent veils, intimately reach the dancers, on whom weigh the arbitrariness of a separation dictated by politics or society

Hiya (she)

Brahim Bouchelaghem will be inspired by the story of his mother in resonance with his first piece about his father Zahrbat. "A complex emotional experience that includes several emotions or several states of the dancing body".

Sillons !

"My wish is to place the notion of space at the heart of my new creation, to confront myself with this abstract and yet so concrete idea for us dancers."

What did you say ?

Carolyn Carlson and Brahim Bouchelaghem, it is above all a beautiful meeting, the meeting of two poets who recognize themselves in their art.