• Free courses and trainings

Free courses and trainings

The transmission and the training have an important place in the project of the company Zahrbat.

For Brahim Bouchelaghem, teaching is inseparable from his creative activity. The two activities participate in the identification of a place for the production of hip hop dance that would resonate with the other activities of the company, creation and diffusion as well as artistic and cultural actions.

Brahim Bouchelaghem develops a regular practice of hip hop dance and gradually opens himself to other choreographic forms.

Also, regular classes are held at the company's headquarters, Studio 28 in Roubaix.

These classes allow young dancers to deepen their technique of hip hop dance (break, pop, lock...). Beginners' classes are also offered to allow a first approach of this dance. If the technique remains important and composes the bases of the practice, it does not remain less important for Brahim Bouchelaghem to open with other techniques and to refocus the practice on the interpretation and the pleasure to dance.

Dancers also have access to the studios to practice freely on two evenings per week, Monday and Tuesday evenings.