• Workshops, courses and masterclasses

Workshops, courses and masterclasses

Often linked to the artistic creations, the company offers workshops, courses or masterclasses given by the choreographer or one of his dancers. These interventions can take several forms, from one-off workshops prior to a show to regular workshops leading to a performance, and take place on a regional, national or international scale.

These interventions encourage the practice of dance and introduce hip hop culture while breaking down barriers between different choreographic disciplines. 

Brahim Bouchelaghem focuses on a sensitive approach to dance and draws on hip hop language to confront contemporary dance. The objective of the artistic actions is above all a valorization of the person, a discovery of the body, the movements and the personal expression for a setting in confidence of oneself as well as the learning of the respect of the difference.

The participants in these workshops and courses are often dancers-interpreters in the creations of the repertoire and work in connection with them. Brahim bouchelaghem also gives workshops, courses or masterclasses.