• What did you say?

Creation 2009

What did you say?

Carolyn Carlson et Brahim Bouchelaghem, c’est avant tout une belle rencontre, la rencontre de deux poètes qui se reconnaissent dans leur art.

A l’origine de ce solo tout en finesse, quatre, puis huit poèmes de Carolyn Carlson sur ce que lui évoque Brahim Bouchelaghem. Il a le désir de revenir sur son propre parcours, sur ce qui l’a amené à laisser éclore son style si personnel.

The dancer/choreographer, in full bloom and in search of an expression that is always extremely sensitive, explores time as symbolized by a pair of sneakers placed on the stage while walking, or by the long calligraphic papers that scroll by. He traces his path with his chiseled and hybrid choreographic writing, guided by Carolyn Carlson's voice in a refined aesthetic.

Ce solo constitue un trait d’union entre l’univers onirique et tissé de spiritualité de la Blue Lady et le hip hop puissant et poétique de Brahim Bouchelaghem

The poems of Carolyn Carlson

Song of the nature, through the innocence and the cries of the child
401 neon lights to see at night
The winds and the air of my being, see better early in the morning
Sweetness of its call, wild breeze and hurricane
Curved trees and spring seeds
Perfume of the primitive necessity


Separation of dust from sunlight
Lotus in its deep irrigation
Fusion, mud and fish
Intense contact

I am overwhelmed by the immensity of love
Whose flame burns eternally upwards
Towards the epilogue


A closed curve
Someone can turn around her forever
Always looking to the future
Always returning to the beginning
Commitments of love
Amidst traces of dust
Either the mountains grow or are swept away
Depending on how your wind blows


Shivering of trees. Shivers of hands. Shivers of
Shivers of arms, shivers of leaves, shivers of waters.
The winds are whipping.
Of all the thrills
A strange silence
Distinguished by the tears of God


Wind and Wave
Keep your head out of the way

The spirit is: a wave in the ocean
A rumble in the eclipse
A bird bursting out of a cloud
A gray fog clinging to a leaf
A drop of rain in the rugged depths
A butterfly wing
A moaning horse
A dry wind
A bell that rings
The morning
Falls apart in my hands

We all live and die
Known and unknown
We are all someone's child

You are you
It will never be

I am abyss, I am dust; always falling; always rising, I am lucid, I seek

The reality is this: OXYGEN.Transparent.Bleeding.
The reality is, a reserve for all
The reality is: Crying, Compassion. Miracle
The reality is: the birth of a survival, rocking until crying
The reality is: dying while climbing a hill
The reality is: Oxygen Master on a whole new level

Details: before we were born, we knew the pace
of the air of weeping, and death known,
Snaking down the hill, sent back by a
breath of voice
All included in H2O

Reality: we compose our theories and symphonies and spiritualities

Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah toutefois
The reality is: OXYGEN INCLUDED


Chorégraphie, interprétation Brahim Bouchelaghem

Poèmes, calligraphies et voix Carolyn Carlson

Original music Manuel Wandji

Lights Philippe Chambion

Assistants chorégraphiques Véronique Teindas and Kader Attou

Costumes Aurélie Noble and Brahim Bouchelaghem

Vidéo Philippe Bonnot

Production Compagnie Zahrbat, Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais, Ville de Bruay-la-Buissière,
Centre de Danse du Galion d’Aulnay-sous-Bois. 

Avec le soutien d’ArtoisComm. Communauté d’Agglomération de l’Artois, de la Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais, et de la Ville d’Auchel.

Création le 09 janvier 2009 à Bruay La Buissière. 
Recréation le 11 février 2011 à Auchel. 

Artists :
Brahim Bouchelaghem