• Motion (peremishchennya)

Création 2017

Motion (peremishchennya)

Brahim Bouchelaghem has chosen for this new project to embark in his universe a group of 12 Ukrainian hip hop dancersMost of them come from the Ruffneck Attack and EastSide Bboys crews.

Their strength of character and determination led these dancers, coming from the world of battles, to the international scene of Hip Hop competitions. Ils ont aujourd’hui choisi d’écrire un nouveau chapitre de leur histoire en découvrant avec Brahim Bouchelaghem, le hip hop d’auteur.

Brahim Bouchelaghem invites them to write on a blank page. The space of dance, place of the game and the choreography, is un carré de 8m sur 8m. It is also a blank screen where the images of their film remain to scroll.

Playing on the field and the off-field, inspired by the transitions of video montages of dance trailers, Brahim works on the construction of the group and the game spacemixing the energies of breakdance and its own poetry.

Thus, it does scroll through the movementsthe time of the game. He bases the construction and the writing of this piece on the principles of editing and transition of cinematographic and computer fields. He tries to retranscribe on this square through the group of dancers, the movement of the images on our screens (of smartphone for example), these images which are the medium of diffusion of the hip hop dance throughout the world.


Version Ukraine For 11 male and 2 female dancers (with the best Bboys and Bgirls of Ukraine). 

Version Française For 8 dancers and 1 dancer ( Bboys and Bgirls )

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Choreography and staging Brahim Bouchelaghem

Interprétation (Ukraine)  Yudin Anton (Bboy Kinder), Kurlov Mykhaylo (Bboy Minik), Denis Semenykhin (Bboy Gimnast), Bulka Taras (Bboy Bulka), Pavlenko Kateryna (Bgirl Kate), Prokopenko Serhii (Bboy Uzeer­rock), Viktoriia Lie (Bgirl Kim), Oleksy Bulgakov (Bboy Robin), Hlib Dotsenko (Bboy Gleb), Andrii Kurnosov (Bboy Intact), Ramin Akhundov (Bboy Ramin), Denys Lukashuk (Bboy Den) et Brahim Bouchelaghem (Bboy Brams)

Interprétation (France- Belgique) Kamil Bousselham, Mathéo Dubar, Emmy Herault, Abdelkrim Mustapha, Martin Lejeune, Admir Mirena, Tim Stevens (ou Leo Vangrevelynghe), Sacha Vangrevelynghe and Brahim Bouchelaghem 

Music R.roo (My ragged, Time after time, Monsoon, listen to my voice, Plunge into the world, Go ahead, Otkrovenie)

Additional music Apparat (Use­less), Isthme et Ice­field (samdhya diaphane), Ludovico Einaudi (Eros)

Music mixing and sound creation Nicolas de Zorzi

Video creation Monsieur Nuage (Stéphane Cloud) accompanied by Jean Legars

Video control Adrien Hosdez

Lights Philippe Chambion


Production Compagnie Zahrbat 

Coproduction French Institute of Kiev, Kiev Operetta Theatre

With the support of MEL (Métropole Européenne de Lille) et l’Institut Français de Paris, La Ville de Roubaix, la Région Hauts de France et la Drac Nord Pas de Calais Picardie

In partnership with Le Centre de la culture du Ministère de l’Intérieur (Kiev- Ukraine)

The company Zahrbat is subsidized by the City of Roubaix, the Region Hauts de France in the program of activity, by the DRAC Nord Pas de Calais Picardie within the framework of the aid to the structuring; and in residence at the Espace Ronny Coutteure City of Grenay.