• Little Stories of Hip Hop in Motion

Creation 2008

Little Stories of Hip Hop in Motion

Danced conference. 

Brahim was 12 years old when he discovered, like many young people, Sydney's H.I.P H.O.P. A studio, decorated with graffiti, a DJ (Franck II Louise) at the turntables, Sidney gave "his lesson", interspersed with images of New York with its mythical groups such as the Rock Steady Crew or the New York City Breaker, or the first Parisian group Paris City Breaker.

The show gave birth to many vocations: Brahim is one of those who, with their eyes fixed on their screens, a rare source of information, then practice the movements in the street: "We tried to reproduce the movements seen in the show. At the time, we mostly saw break or smurf ".

It is with a box, filled with old memories that Brahim leads this danced conference. From his beginnings as a breaker, his discovery of the so-called "standing" dances to his status as a dancer-performer and choreographer, he stops on each of the techniques with demonstrations that he performs with his accomplice Hichem Serir Abdallah.

On a simple and light tone with some humorous notes, sometimes calling for the participation of the audience, Brahim and Hichem will not hesitate to answer all questions at the end of this reading demonstration.


Conception et mise en scène Brahim Bouchelaghem

2 à 8 danseurs

Music DJ Jocker

Lights Philippe Chambion