• Moustapha Bellal

Dancer - 2001

Moustapha Bellal

Better known under the nickname of "Mousstik", he discovered hiphop dance in 2002 with Brahim Bouchelaghem. His career is based on a dynamic of competition and exchange. Specialized in Breakdance, he participates in 2004 in the first " Battle " with the D.Street collective. Inspired by manga characters and martial arts, he works on the singularity of my movements. Progressively, the desire became stronger and stronger to move to a new stage, the desire to devote himself to choreographic creation.

Since 2007, Creation and Pedagogy are the major ingredients that define his career. He works with the company Roots and Routes, in 2009 the company Zahrbat, then in 2010 the company Melting Spot for the creation " Vaduz 2036 " of Farid Berki, as well as the company Racines Carrées of Nabil Ouelhadj.

Pour la compagnie Zahrbat, il est interprète dans les pièces « Almataha », « Small stories of hip hop in movement » et « CRIIIIC ! ».

In parallel to his status as a dancer-performer, he coordinates projects such as "Art n Go Traces" (Fabbrica Europa Festival Italy, Sziget Festival Hungary, Under one Sky Festival England, Kif Kif Award, Belgium...).