• Sofiane Chalal

Dancer - 1999

Sofiane Chalal

From the age of 12 years Sofiane is the 1st part of the choreographer FRANK DE LOUISE at the Park de la Villette in Paris with the CIELABEL METIS in 1999.

Then he continues to train with some of the biggest names in HIP-HOP dance: POP N TACO-SUGAR POP-BRUCE IKANJY-SUPER DAVE.

 He made his name by participating in BATTLE to rename the world : 

Finalist of the JUSTE DEBOUT Lille en HIP-HOP

Finalist of the JUSTE DE BOUT Lille en POPPIN

Winners of the JUSTE DEBOUT Lille EN HIP-HOP

Finalist of the JUSTE DEBOUT Paris Bercy en HIP-HOP

Winners of the Battle THE RING en POPPIN à 2 reprise

Winners of the Battle WHOS THE BOSS a Gent(Belgique) en HIP-HOP

Winners of the Battle GET DOWN à Maubeuge

Finalist of the JUSTE DEBOUT Londres(Angleterre) en POPPIN

Finalist of the Battle GC BATTLE au LUXEMBOURG en HIP-HOP

Retrouvez Sofiane dans Almataha


He continues to show his skills this time by participating in CONCOURS CHOREGRAPHIQUE of world renown:

3rd of PARIS DANCE DELIGHT with Casseurs Poppeurs

2nd of PARIS DANCE DELIGHT with Casseurs Poppeurs

Finalist of the competition EXPRESS YOURSELF au Pavillon Baltard in Paris with Casseurs Poppeurs

All this experience allowed him to be dancers in the Film STREET DANCE 3D released in 2012. 

Then he continues the performances:

Winners of the competition DANCING HARMONY in Maubeuge with Do Not Forget

Winners of the KAMATA contest in Brussels, Belgium

Elected best show at the contest HIP-HOP A6000 in Charleroi, Belgium with Do Not Forget

Winners of the competition TRANSS a Mons Belgique avec Do Not Forget

3rd in the competition JUST FLAVOR in Milan, Italy with Do not forget

2nd in the competition GC BATTLE in Luxembourg with Do Not Forget

3rd in the competition WORLD OF DANCE à Envers en Belgique avec Do Not Forget

Finalist of the WORD OF DANCE in Los Angeles, USA with Do Not Forget

 And recently he joined Farid Berki's MELTING SPOT CIE as a dancer for the creation "STRAVINSKY"

La CIE ZARHBAT de Brahim Bouchelagem en tant de danseur pour la création « CRIIIIC »

The Cie THÉATRE DE CHAMBRE of Christophe Piret as a dancer and actor for the creation " NE SORT PLUS DE CHEZ TOI ".

The CIE L'EMBARDÉE as choreographer/dancer for the creation " SOFAZ ".

 And today he creates his own company, the CIE CHAABANE, choreographer and artistic director with which he creates his first creation " MA PART D'OMBRE ".

solo by Sofiane Chalal where he tells the story of the judgment of the other, of the physical difference, his own atypical physique which was the object of mockery of rejection. But once on stage he becomes extraordinary, unique.

The first one was in October 2020.